The Plough Inn
... a traditional village Inn

Hollym and the Holderness


Hollym is a small village situated in the South Holderness region of the East Riding of Yorkshire. The village is less than a mile inland from the popular seaside town of Withernsea.


The village currently has approximnately 400 inhabitants and is the base for many businesses including a Garden Centre and Car Mechanics.



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The Holderness region of the East Riding is arguably one of the most beautiful in the country stretching from the Chalk Cliffs of Flamborough Head (North of Bridlington) down to Spurn Point on the Humber Estuary, it includes traditional coastal towns and villages and miles of rolling countryside.


The coast itself is the most rapidly eroding coastline in Europe and tells a story of villages and land lost to the sea. Coastal erosion at a rate of a metre per year is not unusual in the area and can be seen on the cliff tops of Hollym and nearby Holmpton.






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